Learner FAQ

What is HeyLocals?

HeyLocals is a foreign language practice platform. We aim to help language learners become fluent communicator by online chatting with locals and talk about their interests. Our vision is “Pursue Dream Without Language Barriers”.  About Us

What can I do on HeyLocals?

On HeyLocals, Language learner can pick an interested topic and match a local who is a native speaker of that language for a chat. The chat will be conducted in the foreign language in order to achieve “Learning by Speaking”.

What is Learning by speaking?

Learning by Speaking is one of the highly recommended methods in language learning. We strongly believe one of the goals of language learning is able to express yourself fluently. By talking with locals and practicing by speaking, language learning can become more efficient and effective.

How long does each chat take to talk with a local?

Each chat takes 18 minutes.

Why 18 minutes?

Researchers found that attention span of modern people is only 15-20 minutes. 18 minutes can increases the effectiveness of a foreign language chat. Besides, 18 minutes is flexible for our learners to manage their time unlike traditional 1-hour language courses.

Is HeyLocals a language course?

HeyLocals is communication oriented and NOT a language courses. Our target is not helping you to pass language exam. We aim to assist you to become a fluent communicators and able to express yourself in foreign language.

What topic can I talk with a local?

We currently have 3 hot topics (Gourmet, Trend and Technology) for you to choose and talk with our locals.

Our team is working hard on the development and various topics will be supported soon. If you have any topics that want us to support, please feel free to contact us:)

Are they teachers?

Locals on HeyLocals have different backgrounds and cultures. They could be anyone like professional or housewife. Most importantly, they are the locals of that language and they have knowledge and insight on the chosen topic.

How does HeyLocals charge?

HeyLocals charges on a pay-as-you-go basis without any bundled and hidden payment. It fits everyone’s budget.

I am a foreign language beginner. Is HeyLocals suitable for me?

We suggest you have basic communication skills in order to have a effective chat with the locals.

Actually what value can HeyLocals bring me?

HeyLocals assists you to become a foreign language communicator and express yourself fluently by talking about your interests with locals.

What languages do HeyLocals support?

Currently we only support Japanese. We will support other language in the near future to help all language learners to pursue their dreams.

Easy to use

If you have any questions, feel free to contact on Facebook/Instagram or email us at hello@heylocals.app.

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