Local FAQ

What is HeyLocals?

HeyLocals is a foreign language practice platform. We aim to help language learners become fluent communicator by online chatting with locals and talk about their interests. Our vision is “Pursue Dream Without Language Barriers”.  About Us

What can I do on HeyLocals?

After you register an account and pass the review, you will be listed on HeyLocals and matched by language learners for making chat bookings. During the 18-min chat, you will get paid to talk about your interests with the learner.

How does the review process work?

Once your application is received and reviewed, our team will contact you to have an online chat for us to know you more.

What is the context in each chat with learner?

Learners will choose an interested topic (e.g. food) during the matching process and the chat will be based on the chosen topic.

How long does each chat take?

Each chat takes 18 minutes.

Can I set up my own schedule?

Of course! You can set up your availability of the week. HeyLocals system will match the learner based on it.

How much will I earn in each chat?

You will receive 70% of commission of what learner pay for a chat. It’s about 300 yen.

How do I receive my payment?

The payment will be transfer to your HeyLocals account after each chat. You will receive the payout via Wise every Monday.

Am I eligible to apply as a local? Do I need any certificates or skills?

HeyLocals do NOT require our locals to have any certificates. You only need to have an in-depth knowledge and insight on the topic you chose. Also you can talk and share with the learner during a chat.

What knowledge do I need?

We are currently recruiting locals for these topics: Gourmet, Trend and Technology.

Our team is working hard on the development to support other topics. If you have other topics that you are good at, please select them during application. You will be available for learner to match once that topic is rolled out.

What devices do I need?

All you need is a smart phone, earphone and internet connection. Then you can chat and earn freely on your own schedule.

Which languages of locals is HeyLocals recruiting?

Currently we are recruiting locals with mother tongue in Japanese. We will support other language in the near future.

Easy to use

If you have any questions, feel free to contact on Facebook/Instagram or email us at hello@heylocals.app.

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